Help & Support

Getting Started

The main aim of “Consizely” is to save your time by automating few daily needful tasks. Currently it has two main functionalities. They are described below:


One of the main functionalities that you can use is a Summarizer. To start using it, you can provide some text in the input box and click on the Summarizer button. Wait for the AI to summarize your text and voila!

You can also click on the ‘Text example’ button just to test the AI. You can also drag and drop text files (doc, docx, pdf). There are different customizations available for summarizing your input text. Check out the plans to know more about benefits.


The second functionality that “Consizely” offers is a Paraphraser. Paraphrasing means to rewrite a sentence in a different way without changing the meaning. To paraphrase one or multiple sentences, Go to the Paraphraser tab first on the top right corner. Same as before, you can provide your sentence(s) in the input box and click on the Paraphrase button.

Paraphrasing happens for each individual sentence. Hence there’s a sentence limit along with character limit that you would get freely. Check out the plans page to know how to increase these limits.